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I am just getting started with shadow shoppers and any questions I have had I used the emails PROVIDED to me for John and Jenna. I have received timely replys everytime! Yes you have to fill out an application for the companys you CHOSE to do the jobs for and you are NOTrequired to be a gold member. Maybe the ones gripping have no intrest in working such easy and exciting jobs! There's always fastfood but that may be way to hard for them! SMH Read more

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I have been an active mystery shopper fir about 13yrs and I have used the Shadowshopper web crawler to source jobs. I have made great money and learned alot about the industry. Before calling, Fraud please understand how these resources work. You are not the only person applying to these positions and you do have to apply to the specufic company holding the job. Knowledge is key if you want to be successful. Dont get pissed instead get educated. Read more

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I believe this agency is a scam. Firstly there is no one to speak to directly. Customer service is poor. All communication has to be done by email. Forget about the live chat feature, don't try calling the phone number doesn't work. Please read the fine print they will renew your subscription (despite you never getting a job with them)without notification. I was charged a fee of $30, when disputed they basically told me I should have read the fine print, thus there will be no refund. I felt so violated and used. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! This is a... Read more

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Yes they kept taking money from me Add comment

This site claims to give you jobs but all it does is take you to another site to fill out more information. I never got a job or a call and they charged me $30.00 , it should be investigated by the attorney general's office for fraud. The phone number that is provided does not work it just advised you to email. With this many complaints it needs to be looked into. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, fraud, fraud, Fraud Fraud fraud fraud fraud Read more

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So, I understood that Shadow Shopper plays the role of a broker or bulletin board. I took the silly courses, tests, and then began receiving notices of actual shopping/evaluation jobs. However, whenever I applied for one of the better paying jobs, either there was no response or I received a message saying the job was taken already. Occasionally, I would receive a semi-hysterical email from a mystery shopping manager, who would say something like "I need a shopper at a store in X-city today." I would reply, that I could do it some other... Read more

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I had signed up for shadow shopper expecting me to buy things for them with my own money and this random lady kept emailing me saying she was starving and ***. So i never did spent or send my money to aka shadow shopper lady. I had completely ignored it all. Plus with the help from reverse look up helps out to. Shadow shopper is a another scam company just after your money Add comment

For the last 2 months i've been charged $29.95 fee a month for services or subscriptions i never asked for or wanted.. I called the 800 number on my master card statement and it said only the e-mail part of their service is set up at this time. Now to see if the cancelation works. I'll cancel my card first. Add comment

I started as foolish as I feel with shadow shoppers 8/15/2015 ended the day of my birthday the 25th because I no longer wanted to be apart of the company. Trial month cost $4.95 monthly $29.95 I couldn't afford it so I called the number that was given to cancel I called and was told that they were sorry for my termination and if I changed my mind to rejoin. Meanwhile, I find out that I only cancelled my email job requires from coming the reason why I know this is because they stopped, but I'm being billed directly from my bank account and... Read more

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Company stopped payment on check.asked me to pay $650. Out of pocket to continue working with them! Confused and more confused. Add comment

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