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Shadow shopper
Main address: 1894 US Highway 50 East, #4-215 89701-3202 Carson City NV
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  • $885 claimed losses
  • $32 average
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  • 1 day ago
  • Advertisements and Cons
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Ok, I don't usually use words like this, but yes I am pissed. Every time I go to my ebay, I'm redirected to a blank page with a blank image in the middle of it. I have no idea why. I have never done any business with a company through spam, or pop-ups. I never will. When I shop, I like it to be my idea. It's bad enough they have advertising plastered all over most every web page. You can't even... Read more

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I enrolled online thought I was going to get paíd to shop was sent a check out in Mt mame it was fraudulant according to checks and more in on a bond for something didferent on Now you just risked ny freedom and screwed me up they called the cops so now what im punushed for it how rude and wrong this really is Add comment

  • Aug 05
  • Online Shopping
  • Unauthorized Account Money Withdrawal
  • 277

I'm 80 yrs old and most certainly should know better. But I guess that I can join the crowd. Signed up and then immediately sought to cancel. But, guess that it did not work. Bank statement showed two withdrawals $19.95 and $39.95. Called, automatic answer - Did not have live conversations. No answer to eMails. We need to publicly notify people of the scams. Their supposed supporters are also... Read more

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  • Aug 04
  • Products
  • San Francisco, California
  • Monthly Access Charges
  • 195

I joined. I accepted a job. I had to go park my car for two hours at the airport do evaluate some valets. Later they told me that the job I'd done was at the wrong terminal, and so they couldn't pay me, or reimburse me, for that job. Then they charged me $29.99 for another month's access. Oddly enough, I feel ripped off. They'll do it to you, too. Word, word,word, word,word, word,word,... Read more

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  • Aug 02
  • Shopping
  • Cashiers Check
  • 663

I also was a victim of this scam. They sent me a cashiers check with the list of things i was suppose to purchase, so i waited a few days to even try to cash the check. I took the check to my bank to see if it was legit,they told me the only way to find out was to cash it and see if it cleared, but if It didnt i would be resresponsible. The banker looked over everything and pointed out... Read more

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  • Jul 24
  • Shopping
  • Rochester Hills, Michigan
  • Random Account Charges
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  • 701

I was contacted by shadow shoppers about a walmart shop. They sent me a cashiers check for $2450. I was instructed to deposit the check and wait until it had cleared, which they informed me usually takes 24 hours. Then I was supposed to wire money to Ronnie Collins in Texas. They included money for the fee to send the cash as well as my payment of $400 and $100 that I was supposed to buy items... Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Shopping
  • Unauthorized Charge
  • 2
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  • 287

I was messing around on the computer checking out money making sites. Dumb ones like getting paid for surveys and shadow shopping. I stupidly gave shadower shopper. Com my card for a 4.95 purchase for a week of the companies that hire secret shoppers. A week later they took out $29.95 nice even number (sarcasm) I tried to get in touch with a real person all they had was live chat she refused a... Read more

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I am very upset that I was ripped off by shadow shopper. You can't even talk to a real person. Apparently I made a dumb mistake. Am I going to have to cancel my checking account. How do I know they won't keep taking $ from me? AND what am I getting for this anyway Add comment

  • May 30
  • Shopping
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Bait And Switch Scam
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  • 3
  • 195 sends numerous emails advertising what appear to be local mystery or secret shopper jobs. However none of the jobs are available until you sign up for a $4.95 "trial." The $4.95 is billed as $19.95 and the "chat" room sales person tells you the $4.95 is only to apply and the charge is $19.95. They WILL NOT refund any money. The jobs are not local but throughout the US. The... Read more

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