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Hi, a week ago I sent my contact form out to Shadow Shopper and two days ago I received a text from a Daniel Beachy. Daniel Beachy informed me that he was my shopper coordinator and that my first shopper assignment has been delivered to me.

He asked me to confirm my schedule for this week so I did. He informed me that I would received a package via USPS with instructions of what I needed to do. Yesterday, I received a package with a check in the amount of $1,980 and instructions of what I needed to do. The first step asked me to deposit the check and then the instructions requested that I buy a bunch of I-tunes and Amazon gift cards no larger than $100 each at different locations.

Out of the $1,980, I would be paid $330.00 and the rest I would purchase the gift cards. Once I purchase the gift cards I would scratch the back of each card and send them a picture of the codes for each card to two email addresses provided. Since all of this sounded fishy to me I contacted the bank in PA where the check came from and when I spoke of one of the Branch Managers he informed me that the check is fraudulent and that I should not deposit it into my bank account. At this moment, I'm heading to the police and reporting this matter to the FBI IC3 Unit.

Daniel Beachy texted me yesterday and asked me did I deposit the check, I said sure, lol, this gang thinks they're smarter than me but I'm a old cat from the hood, lol.

Just beware anyone whose vulnerable can fall for these scams. I am attaching the check and the letter that was sent to me.

Reason of review: I almost got scammed.

I didn't like: That i almost got scammed.

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Vanessa Little

I got that same check, left it sitting right on my counter, my son's kept telling me to cash it... I said to them, do you think I'm crazy?

I haven't work, nobody owe me nothing, so who's gonna send me some free money like that... one of them kept saying how real the check look, okay it does look real... but who's issuing out free money?????

I also was told those same instuctions. People please be careful, all money is not good money.


The picture of the letter says "Secret Shopper", not "Shadow Shopper". Sounds like a different operation, not Shadow Shopper, that tried to rip you off.


thnx buddy


Didn’t the apostrophe after the treasurer clue anyone? Yes I know subtle but telling.

The difference between a possessive noun and a descriptive verb.

Just saying all the third grade English rules should tip ppl off to the scam. If not a fraction of common sense.


I was a victim of this scam as well. I no longer have that paper with the instructions and I would like to file a police report.

Can you please email me the paper with the list of steps received through mail. My email is Thank you I would really appreciate it


just got a check for that same amount, $1980.00, and had forgotten I had applied for this Shadowshoppers job after hearing about it through my college email. I asked a friend and she said it was definitely a scam and the fact that the check is so large, that they recruit by email and the whole buying iTunes and Amazon gift cards thing, this is a scam.


Same thing happened to me. The check in the amount of $1,994.73 was already alarming.

Then to buy so many gift cards and scratching of the back to reveal the codes, sending pictures of it was even more ridiculous. Also the address of the bank didn't match the actual location of the bank.


Just joined shadow shopper and through them GigSpot Is it shadow shopper itself or one of the many companies that ripped you off. As I am about to spend 120$ on a mystery shop and will supposedly be tmreimbursed

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