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Be very careful with this company. I wanted to be a legit mystery shopper as I have worked in the retail grocery industry for 20 years.

So I felt I had a lot to offer as a mystery shopper. I feel it is a scam as well. I never got anywhere with them. Now I feel like my personal info has been compromised.

They get around the legal system just beause of the way they phrase things. Once you pay, you are considered a member. They think they are slick but the BBB has had complaints and I am pretty sure they are being investigated. Notice you can comment on this board without name etc.

All the positive comments are probably from John and Jenna. Good luck and don't do it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shadow Shopper Mystery Shopping Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Shadow Shopper Verified Representative

We agree that you should never have to pay an employer for work, and that is not why ShadowShopper has a fee. We are not the mystery shopping company, the scheduling company, or the client.

You are not employed by ShadowShopper. We are a facilitator. We believe that there should be a faster and safer way to find jobs in the mystery shopping industry without all of the scams, junk, and get rich quick schemes.Our customers are YOU. Our goal is to provide you with access to the real time job listings for the thousands of REAL companies in the industry, all in one convenient place.

We do all of the work of weeding out the scams for you, and ensure that you are only receiving legitimate opportunities.

We search for the assignments you want, based on your preferences, in your area, and deliver those jobs straight to your email inbox. You concentrate on enjoying the opportunities available, and leave the searching to us.You can spend a large amount of your free time searching thousands of websites for new assignments, or you can pay ShadowShopper a small fee to do all the time-consuming work for you.

to ShadowShopper-MemberServi #1601269

Shadow shopper, Once someone signs up with the paid membership, do they have to go through you for all the mystery jobs registered with you? For example, I am registered with about 20 different mystery shop companies, and a lot of the company's are also on Shadow Shopper.

I noticed though the shopper fees are sometimes higher. I have a good relationship with all of these companies except one. I believe there may be some secretive arrangements with a former landlord my (past) boyfriend and I rented from,I believe there are some underhanded arrangements between a former landlord and the manager of this one company.Other than that I have a good relationship and communication with many of the schedulers. But my question is, would I have to stop dealing directly with these companies and go straight through you?

I do like these companies. And can I cancel the paid membership anytime, I.e if I the work slows down?

About getting 3,000.00 checks, I got that without being signed up. I brought it to the post office, they turned it to the inspector general.


Wow good thing i just read this comment along with so many more. I am not signing up after reading all this! What s scam!!!!

to Babes #1587352

Ditto! They have already blown up my email. Want way too much personal info!


I'd like to apply with the lady who works as a coordinator of a mystery shopping company. Please contact me at creativelyinvest@gmail.com


I would never pay to be part of their database and to access jobs. I worked at a mystery shopping company, not as a shopper but in the actual offices as a coordinator, i.e.

the person who selected shoppers for assignments. I had tens of thousands of "shoppers" who had registered, I would never have needed to access another company's database to find shoppers. If you sign up with legit agencies (those that are not trying to charge you), you will have free access to their available shops.

I cannot justify paying money out to be a shopper. You are suppose to be the one getting paid.

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